3D Modleing of Blade


Job Description(By Client): attached a picture of a blade 

– same blade pasted nto a Sketchup model where the dimensions/angles can be measured much easier. 

– The thickness of the blade is 0.4mm.

Can you make a CAD drawing based on this, same as last job please?

Skills Required: Solidworks, Autocad

Virtucadd Overview: TJ Scimone is our regular client. we did lots of cad conversion between 3d files and new product designs.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: image

Output Format: 3d solidworks files, *.iges, *.stl, rendered images

Comments (By Virtucadd): as it was a blade design, not that much complicated. we tried our best to design this blade as the blade should be designed using its heirarchy. so that it can maintain the technical aspects of this blade and its application.


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