AutoCad Drafting – Architectural Plans


Job Description(By Client): I am looking for someone to help draft the attached plans in AutoCad. I’d like the dimensions of the file to match the listed dimensions.

If you’re handy in AutoCad you would be an ideal candidate for this job. I’m looking for someone with a proven track record who will deliver quality work. There are probably 5-8 additional sheets that I’ll eventually need drafted, so I would hope that this job eventually leads to more.

If you have a sample AutoCad file that you’ve drafted before, I would appreciate it if you could include those.

Would you be willing to draft these as well? Also, would you be able to make the PDFs 24″x36″ sheets of paper. That’s the size we’ll be printing to.

Skills Required: autodesk,  autodesk-autocad-civil3d,  cad-design

Virtucadd Overview: Client was very happy with the quality. he proposed al other sheets to convert.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: .pdf, hand drawn plans

Output Format: .dwg, .pdf(autocad export with layers)

Clients Feedbacks: Your drawings have been very good. 

Thanks once again for your efforts and I appreciate it.






Project details