Process Flow Diagram Drawing


Job Description(By Client): Hi Shravan, 

Thank you for applying to my job posting. I will upload a scan of the doc to upwork.The goal is to get this onto a sheet that allows me to communicate the entire manufacturing processes and its key metrics in a single drawing. The information on this drawing is distilled from a complete set of PFDs. The sketch is made on U.S. Legal size paper which I will be using as the size as a handout.Since I don’t have autocad on my PC could you please PDF any output as we move this process. Also, at the end could you send me a copy of the final CAD file.

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Skills Required: AutoCAD, AutoCAD P&ID

Virtucadd Overview: we did many p&id drawinsg before. what is main important in pfd and p&id drawinsg is that all attributes and tags that are associted with equipments, valves and pipes should be there so that all property of drawings can be extracted at any point of time.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: scan image, hand sketch

Output Format: .dwg

Comments (By Virtucadd): Making any kind of drawing in autocad is our passion. and we really enjoyed this work.



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