PDF of hand drawn plans to CAD

PLAN2-Model_size980 x 380

Job Description(By Client): I am looking for a qualified CAD designer that is experienced with commercial buildings built
using USA building codes that has intuition and experience with typical dimensions in commercial buildings not usually dimensioned on a floor plan, such as recognizing that a concrete tilt-up building is usually 8″ thick, or that exterior access doors are usually 36″ wide. 

The client must have access to print out the drawings in actual size and have a scale to measure the drawings for items not FILE000003dimensioned, and transcribe the dimensions onto the CAD. 

The specific plans I will send and need in CAD are: 
– floor plan, including doors, building columns, and outline of the office package (interior office package walls not necessary).

– roof plan of all beams, girders, sub-purlins, and smoke vents. 

– all other information and notes on the plans does not need to be transcribed, only the items listed above. 

– both plans should include the column grid bubbles. 

The final product returned should be the CAD file. I am hoping to get this completed ASAP, within a day or 2.

Skills Required: autodesk-autocad-civil3d, cad-design, drafting

Virtucadd Overview: Foundation, floor plans and Roof plans are digitized in autocad from pdfs given.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: .pdf

Output Format: .dwg, Autocad

Comments (Virtucadd): This was my first project on odesk and we have delivered this in time with out-most quality. client is satisfied with the work.

Clients Feedbacks: Great CAD designer, will hire again. Thanks!

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