Automatic Clamp & Rod – Design of water dispensing unit

clamp & rod 980x380

Job Description(By Client):

Our company is manufacturing laboratory water purification systems.button subassembly

We would like to design a new, more modern and convenient pure water dispense unit for laboratory use.

The dispense unit allows dispense pure water at some distance of the water purification system. The dispense unit is connected to the water purification system by two recirculation tubes and a signal cable.

Description is in attachment.


Skills Required: Manufacturing Design, SolidWorks, Mechanical Engineeringclamp1

Virtucadd Overview: Client had provided an image of complete water dispenser unit, he mentioned on that image the functionality of clamp and rod. clamp has to slide up and down as well as rotate 360degree when it is free(i.e when clamp button is pushed). when clamp button released it firmly holds the rod. that’s the idea given, no rough sketches no other input provided. we conceptualize everything and made 3D Model for clamp including mechanisms and rod. also prepared final assembly, BOM, Technical Drawing etc..

Project Status: Completed                                                                                                        

Input Format: A Competetor Product Image..just for ideaclamp_assem

Output Format: .sldprt, .sldasm, .dwg, .pdf, Rendered images, All Solidworks Files

Comments (Virtucadd): this was really challenging and tough, as we had first conceptualise everything from scratch and then putted ideas in 3D Model included mechanism, material, Functionaliy.                                                                   clamp

Cleints Feedbacks: “Good work!”

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