Controller Housing with Display Screen – Design of water dispensing unit

assembly 980x380

Job Description(By Client):

Our next step in developing the water dispenser is to choose the shape of the controller housing. We have some ideas how the shape of the housing should look like, therefore we made some sketches for your reference. The sketches have some dimensions that should not be exceeded.
So, as we discussed, we would like to order from you a conceptual 3D model of the controller housing. The model should be developed taking into account sketches in attachement. We want to see how the controller, based on our sketches, will look like in 3D.
Just in case, I am adding some photos of a controller housing made by competitor. Please, note, that the shape of our hosuing will be completely different (please, refer to the sketches). However, the photos might provide you with general idea how the controller houding is assembled.
The controller housing of the dispenser has several functions. First of all, it holds the rod. Additionally , the controller housing includes the control PCB and has a front panel with display and the keyboard. The rear panel of the controller housing has two John Guest bulk connectors for ¼” tubes, RS-232 konnector and +12 V power supply conector.

The top of the controller housing part has a socket (hole) for the rod. The diameter of the rod (the part that goes into socket) is 25 mm.
The top of the controller housing part has an opening for the tube and cable braid (cable socket). The opening must have some kind of clamp to fixate the braid. Diameter of the opening should be 12.5 mm.

At the first step we would like to make a conceptual design of the controller housing. That is we need a rough 3D model of the controller housing.

We have some conceptual sketches that show desirable shape of the controller housing unit and maximum dimensions (depth should be no more that 160 mm and height – no more that 100 mm).
The front panel should be made at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees to the bottom. The front panel must have socket for the keyboard (2 mm deep). Inside the keyboard socket there is the display socket (3 mm deep).

Rear panel should be at least 60 x 80 mm where two hydraulic connectors, the RS232 port and power connectors will be placed.

The conceptual sketches of the top view and the outer shape of the front view are attached. I also attached a picture of the whole dispenser unit produced by a competitor as well as some detailed photos of the controller housing made by a competitor.

Skills Required: Manufacturing Design, SolidWorks, Mechanical Engineering

Virtucadd Overview: though one image of product from competitor was provided, but we have to give completly new look interms of physical appearance and dimensions. totally new product design were made. 3D Model, 3D Print file, Technical Drawings all are delivered to cleint in scheduled time frame.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: A Competitor produdct image..just for idea and refrence

Output Format: .sldprt, .sldasm, .slddrw, .dwg, .pdf, rendered images of product

Comments (By Virtucadd): From conceptualization to final 3D all are done in a very tight schedule. Quality product delivered. client was very satisfied that he awarded his next project to virtucadd only.

Cleints Feedbacks: “Thank you for good job!”

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