Website Design For Homoeopathic Clinic

Job Description(By Client): i need a website design for my clinic. most priority is that visitor must

Screenshot_2014-06-06-22-21-53 be able to read clients hand written feedback on any device PC, Tablet, Mobile etc..

Skills Required: php, html, fillpdf, contact form

Virtucadd Overview: as description says, client wanted his patients feedbacks to be fast loaded and to be shown on any device . we have achived this task by using 2 separate technology to show hand written feedbacks which wre in pdf format. also we have designed a contact for, Map for his clinic, patients and visitors.

Project Status: Completed

Input Format: description by client.

Output Format: complete website.

Comments (By Virtucadd): we have arranged evrything from scratch for client. we assisted in selecting domain, host Screenshot_2014-06-06-22-23-08provider etc.also assisted in SEO.

Clients Feedbacks: Superb assistance in developing website by virtucadd.




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Feedback IN Balckberry Mobile

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Apple IPhone 5_3

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