How to make an isometric dynamic block in AutoCAD

Learn How could we create a fully functional dynamic block here we taken an isometric gate valve symbol and made it a dynamic block so that we have scale, stretch, flip(mirror), align and rotate all 5 parameter and actions as a grip with this dynamic block. so it saves a lot of time that we waste while digitizing a p&id diagram in auto-cad by using copy, paste, rotate, mirror etc by repetitive commands. that why we make dynamic blocks. also its easy to manage these symbols in entire drawing, any updation could be quickly if we modify any geometry in the symbol it would be modified in entire drawings except parameters and actions.

How to run trail file from within creo

Trail file is nothing but the text file that contains the set of instructions or commands that we perform on creo live , same time these user inputs are stores as a text file which is trail file and we can use this to run the set of instructions in order to automate certain repetitive tasks. watch out!! how i have creating around 4o parameters in just a single click.

Batch Convert from .sldprt to .iges then from .iges to .prt creo

while working with various parties, and third party do provide files in other format that we use and we need to use those files in creo then format or cad exchange is needed. and what if we have to convert files in bulk. here is some basic technique that can help to batch convert from ssolidworks sldprt to igs and from igs to creo in single shot!

How to Use Interchange Assembly in Creo

interchange assemblies plays a vital role if your part has many configurations and you dont want to create separate file for each configuration. then single file can be used to show the desired values , shape and size associated with that single file. very helpful in dynamic assemblies or configurable assembly or part.