How to make an isometric dynamic block in AutoCAD

dynamic block in autocad
Fully functional isometric dynamic blocks in autocad

Click below to watch full video, scale, stretch, flip, align and rotate parameters and actions applied and this dynamic block is made so no need to have 6 other different orientation (non-dynamic blocks) symbols. learn to make dynamic block and saves plenty time that we waste doing repetitive copy, paste, mirror, scaling commands manually.

dynamic block in autocad
Fully functional isometric dynamic blocks in autocad

Whenever it comes to placing symbols in Isometric piping and instrumentation diagram, it becomes really time consuming Because in Isometric we deal with least 6 different orientations. Therefore our task of scale, move, rotate commands increases a lot while placing these symbols. To reduce drafting time , we use the blocks Which is flexible in editing thousands of blocks in files in no time, future modification can be ease. In this video I will show you how can we make a fully functional dynamic block isometric gate valve. We applied scale, stretch, flip, align, rotate parameters and actions.

Learn How could we create a fully functional dynamic block here we taken an isometric gate valve symbol and made it a dynamic block so that we have scale, stretch, flip(mirror), align and rotate all 5 parameter and actions as a grip with this dynamic block. so it saves a lot of time that we waste while digitizing a p&id diagram in auto-cad by using copy, paste, rotate, mirror etc by repetitive commands. that why we make dynamic blocks. also its easy to manage these symbols in entire drawing, any updation could be quickly if we modify any geometry in the symbol it would be modified in entire drawings except parameters and actions.

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